Friday, August 19, 2005

Words of Support from South Africa

Dear Comrades gathered in Cologne representing the Youth and Faith Sectors,

People of South Africa salute you for the honourable deed you are doing. We ask you to stand strong in your conviction and know that we if we could be with you we would make a lot of noise (which is called toi-toiying here in South Africa).

The Catholic Church, by banning condoms, is imposing a life sentence of people, espcecially in the developing world. The AIDS Consortium is located in South Africa. We are part of sub-Saharan Africa, the region with the most people infected with HIV/AIDS in the world. Our people are dying. Some brave Catholic Priests here hand out condoms in the townships because they see the futility of the Church's antiquated ruling and understand that condoms can save lives. To ban condoms is inmoral, unethical and wrong.

VIVA World Youth Day 4 All Coalition VIVA. This is the spirit of true democracy. Shout your say and know that you are the mouthpiece of the the poorest of the poor, the disenfranchised and the marginalised. SHOUT LOUD AND BE PROUD.

We Salute You
The AIDS Consortium

The AIDS Consortium is a national network South African organisation that supports, strengthens and engages directly with community based organisations to improve the impact of HIV Interventions in South Africa. With over 1,000 affiliate members, the AIDS Consortium is a human rights based organisation committed to openness and non-discrimination on the basis of HIV/AIDS. To this end, the Consortium brings together organizations and individuals in a network that processes information and works towards an equitable response to the pandemic.