Thursday, August 18, 2005

To World Youth Day 4 All activists:

In many situations, the consistent and correct use of condoms can lives, which is a strong teaching in the Bible and in Catholicism. Without a condom, murder may (inadvertantly) be committed.

To me, the lessons are clear -- to allow condoms in certain circumstances is morally and religously necessary, and very-much in keeping with Judeo-Christian values.

You have my support.

L.S., Namibia


Please extend these youth the solid support of the HIV/AIDS Program of Public Health - Seattle & King County. Religious ideals that have the effect of denying youth potentially life-saving information and protection or mis-construing facts are definitely and clearly wrong-headed and need to be strongly opposed, especially when they come from people who themselves have never experienced God-given human sexuality.


Robert W. Wood, MD, FACP Director
HIV/AIDS Program Public Health - Seattle & King County
Seattle, Washington, USA