Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Support from Sisters

We have received a ton of support from Catholic nuns committed to justice. Here's a sampling:

Dear World Youth Day 4 All Activists,

Thanks to you, faithful Catholics, for taking a courageous stance for life by supporting condoms4life campaign. We, the church, are taking responsibility for saving lives in the HIV/ADIS pandemic by adopting a compassionate Christ-like approach to prevent this deadly disease.

It is time for Pope Benedict XV1 to affirm that condoms4life are a morally, responsible choice for Catholics. How can a hierarchy that claims it is pro-life advocate teachings that bring suffering and death to millions around the globe? I think Jesus would weep at the destruction and devastation the institutional church has caused by its' rigid rule-bound approach to morality.

Sr. Bridget Mary Meehan, sfcc
Co-Coordinator of Women-Church Convergence


I want to thank you for your brave and courageous stance on an important message that we need to give our people, especially our Catholic youth. What a creative way to spread the news. God bless you.

Sister Celine Goessl