Friday, August 19, 2005

Remarks from the press conference

As requested, I am attaching some of the remarks that the WYD4All coalition made at Monday's press conference in Cologne as I receive them.

Andrea Ramirez Lanza
August 16, 2005

Good morning, as Tobias said, I come from Bolivia, one of the poorest country of the world were everyday, people are becoming more affect fort he spread of HIV/AIDS. Not only because we are poor but also for all the political and the spiritual influence of the Catholic church in a country were more than the 80 percent of the people are Catholic.

But let me remember you that this percent has a face, the face of the people specially all the women and children that are been affected for the radical position of the Vatican on sexual issues.

The Catholics need education, access and prevention. Without judgment and punishment.
If we don’t have these 3 elements we can not make responsible decisions.

I invite to our spiritual guides to open their minds and hearts and chance their position about sexuality issues.