Wednesday, August 17, 2005

More support

The Australian AIDS Fund Incorporated, a Catholic AIDS-care charity based in Melbourne, Australia, stands in solidarity with you, endorsing your vital condoms4life mission in Cologne.

The world's youth will be the richer for your efforts on its behalf. Who will speak up if we don't?

There are strong indications in the Australian media that on August 21, Pope Benedict will signal that Sydney will be the next city to host World Youth Day in 2008.

Given the event's central focus on youth, The Australian AIDS Fund deplores any decision to site the next WYD in Australia while millions of young people are being mown down by HIV/AIDS in Africa.That's the continent where the next WYD should be held.

If we had a banner we could hold up at such an announcement, it would read:

"Australian AIDS Fund says NO to WYD in Sydney. Africa should be the priority!"

With regards,

Brian Haill, President
The Australian AIDS Fund Incorporated


I heard today about all of the good work you are doing! It is great that you are there and having such a profound effect on the young people who are attending WYD. Your presence is so important to the cause! Keep up the great work!!



Many blessings on youth bringing message of hope and life to World Youth Day. As a long time AIDS worker and Catholic, this shame and violation of lives needs to stop. When a microbicide is ready that kills HIV, there will be the same problem. The Catholic church needs to step out of the Dark Ages and follow Jesus’ affirmation of the 2 commandments, to love God and our neighbours. Opposing condoms is like the Pharisees and hypocrites who followed the law but did not help their neighbours.

Joan Anderson
Toronto, Canada


Dear World Youth Day 4 All,
We are very proud of the work that you are doing and the "big splash" that it has made, internationally. We look forward to your many fascinating stories.



I've been following all the press coverage you guys are generating — great job, one and all. You are really getting the word out where it counts.



WYD4All Activists:

Thank you for taking a stand. It is wonderful for youth to inform the bishops that you suppot a just and life saving issue.

Rose Mary O'Connell


I support your position. Love and Prayers AN