Friday, August 19, 2005

More official reaction

Hey -- we hear that the organizers of World Youth Day are more than a little miffed (in fact we think they are really mad) about the Condoms4Life campaign and that our Coalition is enjoying so much success-getting a tremendous reaction from pilgrims and getting the word out all over the world through the media that ***Good Catholics use Condoms***

The German papers reported yesterday that the organisators of WYD are mad about the "condoms4life" campaign. "The whole campaign just misses the real issue", says press-officer Matthias Kopp, according to him, the Catholic church rejects condoms in general - including in the struggle against AIDS. To protect against the disease they promote premarital abstinence and marital fidelity.

Well Matthias I think it is you that misses the real issue- condoms help protect against HIV-CONDOMS HELP SAVE LIVES -Just be grateful that you and your friends live in the global north and can pop into a pharmacy should you decide to take a break from the abstinence thing.....oh and before you go, Matthias, remember-when you refer to THE CHURCH remember that THE CHURCH is more than the hierarchy--- THE CHURCH is in fact all the people of God --we are THE CHURCH and we do not reject condoms.