Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Hi everyone - after the months of work that you all put into this, it's really exciting to read the press coverage and your blog! Keep up the great work you've done, and have fun doing it!

- Joe Sandillo

Congratulations to all the World Youth Day 4 All advocates in Cologne who are putting HIV/Aids-prevention in the center of this gigantic international youth gathering. May God open the hearts and the minds of our Pope and our bishops and give them the guts to make a responsible use of their teaching authority proclaiming the words that will save hundreds of thousands of lives: Sexually active people at risk of transmitting or of getting HIV/AIDS have the moral obligation to use condoms to save lives!

E.H. - Roman Catholic from France

Dear World Youth Day 4 All activists,

Keep up the fantastic work, and thank you for being there and being a voice for those of us not there. We are there in spirit with you!

MV, Washington, DC