Thursday, August 18, 2005

From Zimbabwe

Thank you very much for the courage you and your colleagues have taken on the matter of condoms. The Catholic is playing a dangerous game by not acknowledging that condoms can and do help in reducing the spread of HIV/AIDS.

I know of many priests and nuns who have died from HIV/AIDS. This simply tells us that the ideal (abstinence) alone is not enough. Yes, this is our aspiration and we must have it as our goal, and yet the reality is that we human beings fall in the process of striving for the ideal.

I am a very proud Catholic and I do not agree with the Church’s stand on condoms. I am fortunate to be enlightened and independent alongside my faith. Yet I know many brothers and sisters in the Church who follow the church leadership religiously and believe whatever they say. These are the ones who are being led to death by the church’s less realistic stand on condoms. I cannot thank you enough for you courage and initiative. Let us wake up to the reality of our time.

Martin Kalungu-Banda