Thursday, August 18, 2005

From BBC Bulgaria, from Christina

This is an excerpt from an article, published on the BBC Bulgarian on August 15th, 2005. Translated by Christina.

The European Press on 15 August, Monday

Many European journals comment the visit of the Pope in Germany, while the German newspapers pay more attention to the pre-election campaign inthe country.

[...] "Figaro", another French newspaper describes the expectations ofthe visit of the new Pope under the title: "Expecting Benedikt the 16th". In another article the journal describes that the Pope summons for modernisation of the Christianity in Germany and in other European countries.

The expectations are that the Pope will do everything possible to get the visitors from this meeting on his side.The Pope arrives in Cologne in order to meet with young Catholics and to try to show to the world an act of resignation among the youth and the old man in Vatican, describes the German "Tageszeitung". The Chrurch wants to show up, that his overconservative program is still popular, but in the same time this will be a signal for the decadent countries from Northern and Western Europe, that the masses cannot be gained anymore with a Catholic retro-programme.

According to the article, the Pope will greet people in which he has no trust and the masses will have to greet a Pope, whose advice they rarely follow. It calls World Youth Day a hypocritical, cynical event, in which one can find an element of tragicomedy.