Thursday, August 18, 2005

Dispatch from Ruth

Day three and the experience has being so amazing and I have no doubts that tommorrow should be any different. The response and reaction we have being getting from the plimgrims is nothing but positive. Everyone is so openminded and willing to chat.

As part of our outreach and interaction with the public we have been handing out fliers and postcards. But check this out, people are hanging on to them, there is no evidence on the ground to indicate that people don't have a general interest. Why but of course they have an interest as I believe that the majority realise that this univeral issue of HIV/Aids is something that concerns all of us.

Questions and conversation is everywhere......People want to know! Also the media want to know! The phones are jumping off the hook with newspapers, TV and radio stations wanting interviews. This Coalition that we have formed gets full on thumbs up from me.