Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Dispatch from Marije

Another great day for WYD4all!

Being at the Catholic World Youth Days is an experience in itself, and I have three things that definitely give me a smile on my face and really make me enjoy being here.

photo Copyright Emily Neubauer, CFFC, 2005

First of all, having thousands ofyoung people swirming around a city, colored flags, people singing, laughing and dancing are just a few of the impression you get while looking around.

The second smile comes when you actually realize what a variety in people there are. So many different nationalities, faces, cultures and languages give youa real sense of the immense happening that is going on and the amazing idea that there all here having fun without any kind of problem.

And then the third smile is the biggest smile: there we are handing out postcards, talking about Condoms4Life, in this huge group of different people, and most of them really respond with there own cultural variations. A modest bow from a Japanese boy, a generous laugh by a Rwandan Scout leader, an encouraging one who works with sex workers and a group of giggling Italian girls. And you know what, all of them look at the card, most of them first with amazement and then when they realize what's on it, an expression of agreement or even a shout of support. And that, that is what is making me smile!

Because they know: Condom really save lives!!!!

Marije, (also from the Netherlands and enjoying Catholic World Youth Days)