Thursday, August 18, 2005

Dispatch from Emily

17 August 2005

Meeting with a Pilgrim from the States
I met with a friend who is a pilgrim here. Prior to the trip, I told him I would be here with World Youth Day 4 All, but I had not told him what we would be doing so he would have to notice us without searching.

When I gave him our postcards he said “oh this is you guys”, having seen our ads in the metro! I am glad to know that even pilgrims that we do not get to speak with on the streets of Cologne (and the crowd increases every day) are still taking notice of our messages. He found my reports of our success with the pilgrims very encouraging for himself as a Catholic.

A few members of WYD4All pose on the steps of the Old Catholic Church.
photo Copyright Emily Neubauer, CFFC, 2005

Riding the Metro
Riding the metro at night here is not for the weak heart. As I was trying to exit to make a connection, I almost got trapped on a train by an onrush of French pilgrims, but a kind man on the platform reached through the doors and pulled me out. People on the metro trains happily talk to each other. One girl from Minnesota struck up a conversation. I told her I was with a group from all over the world, and she said she was too—Schoenstatt Girl’s Youth. I gave her my post cards and explained how we care about condoms and stopping AIDS. She took the card and put it in her bag. She then pulled out a hand painted stone from Lake Michigan and a photo of her group’s founder. It was a generous exchange of backgrounds.

I googled this and it is a youth group that exists in Germany US and Spain. Schoenstatt is an apostolic movement. It is so inspiring to meet so many Catholics from all over who care about what we are doing and share in our commitment.

Emily, In Cologne