Thursday, August 18, 2005

Dispatch from Elfriede

Talked this morning with Agnes from KLuST, our Gay and Lesbian partners.

She was very, very, very excited about the WYD4ALL coalition activities in Cologne. They have had incountable opportunities to speak to all sorts of journalists and have all given lots of individual interviews for radio, TV, print media, and people begin recognizing them in the street for their appearence on TV and telling them that they think they are doing a magnificent job. The various press conferences have been extremely successful, with the one of WAC yesterday being entirely broadcast by Phoenix, an important German TV.

Agnes and her partner Katarina have been accompanied by a TV journalists for a very large part of the day yesterday as they need this material for a 20 minute documentary on the WYD that they are preparing.

The most amazing experience they have had so far was the encounter with a nun from - guess where: Bethlehem! - who came up to them to tell them that this campaign was very important and she would very much thank them to be in Cologne spreading this information. That she warmly encouraged them to keep on with enthusiasm.

People seem particularly happy with the stickers.