Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Dispatch from Christina

On the second day of our flyer distributing, we are gaining more experience. We have learned a lot of things in these two days, but also we have shared our experience with many other people. The campaign goes great from my viewpoint, I talked with many groups of Catholic young people, and also people from the city. So many smiling faces, so manytimes: "We are with you, guys!" I would hear around. Some would stop and ask what the campaign was about and why we needed to raise it. And in most cases they would agree it is really necessary, and we should continue it. So many people would stamp the stickers with: "Condoms prevent from HIV/AIDS" just in front of us.

All photos Copyright Emily Neubauer, CFFC, 2005

A Polish young man in the metro told me he does not agree with my position on condoms. He would say he prefers abstention, and then asked me what I was thinking about love. Love for sharing or love for getting only and not for giving. In the end we both agreed that love was about sharing and he would say: "It was really great talking with you". Maybe we are not that different, but we are simply standing on the two banks of the river...

Christina, in Cologne (from Bulgaria)