Saturday, August 20, 2005

Dispatch from Adam

Wednesday the 17th of August,

At the International Youth Hearing in Köln, hundreds of young people met with bishops, other powerful groups connected to the Catholic Church and the media to discuss justice and peace.

Members of the WYD4ALL Coalition were there to encourage debate and to challenge the Catholic Church's globally hegemony on the politics of the use of condoms. The youth hearing in itself had partially mentioned the HIV/AIDS in the agenda but not exactly connected to the use of neither condoms nor the Church's role in the commonly talked about "bishops ban on condoms".

Besides handing out our material and discussing with the significantly positive and interested youth and media outlets from all over the world, we of course took on the bishops.

When the forum finally began considering different issues concerning the right to health the Coalition rose and delivered the much feared but highly potent statement and question on global HIV/AIDS. With millions dying from, even greater numbers being infected every year and tens of millions currently carrying HIV/AIDS, the audience showed their support to the ideas of the Condoms4life campaign with first a massive applause and after Bishop Rivera Carreras response an even more loud and tormenting silence.

Both the bishops present at theYouth Hearing responded with a somewhat vague statement but nonetheless they agreed on condoms being a part of the fight on HIV/AIDS in front of a live German TV audience.

Seeing and hearing the support given from the young Catholic community has made our Coalition believe in a revolution of the Catholic Church's position on the use of condoms.

It'll never be a question of if but only a question of when.

Adam Qvist,