Wednesday, August 17, 2005

And still more...

Dear friends,

I applaud you for the work you are doing in trying to prevent the spread of AIDS by pro moting the use of condoms. Thank you for all you will do. You have my support & that of others who may not be able to write you.

with you in spirit,



Never, never, never give up, young activists! This is YOUR fight.

I remember in the 1970’s how we fought for birth control, abortion rights, and women’s rights. It was hard, and it was discouraging but we were successful.

Back in June of this year, when 6 of my good friends were at my beach house celebrating my 55th birthday, we talked about what we were fighting for when we met and became friends in the 70’s. It was a wonderful weekend to be together, to discuss our age, celebrate what we did and accomplished, and how far we came. PLUS, we are still together. And the very best of friends!!!

These issues can only be won and fought when the young are involved. You are the ones most at risk. Keep it up.

It is worth it! When you are 55, you can sit around and encourage the NEXT generation.

What we worked for in the 70’s:

Title IX
Reproductive Rights
Rape Crisis Centers
Equal Pay
Equal Benefits
Battered Women’s Shelters
Rape Shield Laws
Birth Control

Thank you for what you are doing. You will not regret one minute of your efforts.



This email is in support of all young Catholic activists that will be at the Catholic World Youth Day. As someone who works on a daily basis with HIV prevention programs, including the main stream churches in Namibia (Lutherans and Catholics) I would like to reiterate my support to ensure that young people everywhere in the world have access to accurate and up to date information on the spread of HIV as well as ways on how to protect themselves from HIV and other STIs. Therefore condoms can be a life-saving option for people of all ages, and information on use and access should be freely available to everyone.

Youth is our future and we should make sure they have a future, including access to education, protection from diseases and war, or by protecting our planet from man-made ecological disasters.

Rose D.


i applaud your efforts to defy and educate such a massive institution as the roman catholic church. i will keep you in my prayers and continue my financial support. peace be with you.

karen patrick