Tuesday, August 16, 2005

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To World Youth 4 All:

I lucked into an undergraduate program at the University of Notre Dame almost 60 years ago that introduced me to the writings of Romano Guardini, Yves Congar, Henri deLubac, Jacques Maritain, and others who greatly influenced the reforms of Vatican II. The time since has been a growing nightmare. For example, it was bad enough that Pope Paul VI rejected the birth control commission's overwhelming recommendation to end the ban on use of contraceptives, clearly the voice of the people of God speaking, undermining respect for Vatican authority and setting forth a teaching that the people of God did not receive, rendering it null. Then we have Vatican officials who are embarrassingly incapable of pastoral love in arguing that contraception may not be used even when non-use became an effective death warrant as a consequence of sex with an HIV-AIDS affected partner. I salute you in your efforts to dialogue with Catholic youth in Kôln.

Portland, Maine


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