Friday, August 19, 2005

Activists working the crowd

All photos Copyright Emily Neubauer, CFFC, 2005

Indefatigable is the word that comes to mind. Each day, WYD4All coalition members are out on the streets of Cologne, sharing vital information with youth from all over the world and making friendships that will last a lifetime (I know it sounds kind of dorky, but I am moved by all the emails I keep receiving).

It's enormously satisfying to read and see interviews with many of the pilgrims not directly affiliated with WYD4All, but who are proudly wearing the sticker (I'll post shortly) and who are telling everyone who asks that the pope MUST lift the ban on condoms to prevent the spread of HIV.

It is appalling that almost 60,000 people died of AIDS this week. It is unacceptable that 14,000 people acquire HIV per day. It is unconscionable that ANYONE who has the means and information to help people protect themselves from the pandemic would withhold or refuse life-saving information and services from people in need.

God bless these young activists of the WYD4All coalition who have courageously stood up and loudly spoken truth and justice to all who would listen.